Students in Trinidad and Tobago develop solutions to eliminate bird strike

At the start of February 2022, participants gathered to address the challenge of bird strikes which pose a tremendous risk to life. They also have a negative impact on businesses and lead to unnecessary bird death.

Birdstrike is one of Shell T&T’s highest operational risks, and so the top 3 projects have been selected to be piloted and monitored on platforms over the next year.

To find out more about this project, watch our video opposite.

What is a bird strike? Essentially, it is a collision between a bird and an aircraft which is in flight, on take-off or landing. Marine birds often find a home on offshore platforms and structures.

The NXplorers programme gives students from across Trinidad and Tobago fantastic opportunities to enhance their critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving skills. Brushing shoulders with professionals in their respective fields, they have embraced the programme’s core values of zero harm to people and respect for the environment.

Using the tools and skills they had picked up in the NXplorers programme, students developed solutions that could lead to lasting, safe and sustainable change.

NXplorers Trinidad

Over eight inspiring sessions, 40 students developed 10 projects through to completion. The standout solutions included the ultimate repellent, a curb powder and a frigate bird feeding system that features mating call acoustics and ‘flying’ frozen fish. Students also developed the idea of a bird sanctuary to be built on the west and north-eastern coast of Trinidad. The concept takes into account a number of critical issues, including the flight path of planes and helicopters. It also considers variables such as sea floor levels, tidal forces and oceanic temperatures.

“All in all, everyone was learning from each other. I learnt a lot along the way, from my peers and the facilitators,”

NXplorers student, Romario Rajaram.


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