NXplorers expands its reach in India

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Since 2018, Shell NXplorers has been running in schools across India. It has helped over 140,000 students aged 13-15 years develop new problem-solving skills to create sustainable solutions.

To deepen the learning outcomes, NXplorers has now been extended to include a junior and pro version. This means that many more students can begin to experience the programme at an earlier age. They will also be able to continue build their NXthinking skills as they progress through school and into university.

Starting in grades six and seven (age 10-12), students will experience NXplorers Junior. This will introduce them to problem-solving and design thinking skills. It will also inspire them to create ideas and solutions related to critical food, water and energy issues. In grades eight – 11, the students will continue through the core NXplorers programme. It will enable them to build their confidence to engage with real world challenges. Students can develop their STEM Habits of Mind (critical thinking, creative problem solving, collaboration and communication). These habits are formed as they learn to apply the NXplorers Systems Thinking and Scenario Planning tools to tackle real-life challenges to reimagine their world. School graduates and university students will be invited to join NXplorers Pro, an academic course to further refine and deepen their systems thinking and scenario planning skills.

In July 2022, 200 students from 6th and 7th grade attended the inaugural NXplorers Junior workshops at AKI Urdu Girls High School in Mumbai. The students were thrilled with the experience and revelled in the opportunity to take part in hands-on activities and learn new skills. To inspire them to create smart ideas and solutions, students spent time creating their own paper windmill. This proved to be a highlight of the workshop as students collaborated to define a challenge of their choice and applied tools to find creative solutions.

Though the students are from urban communities, they engaged with local and global challenges with ease and came up with creative ideas to address them. Everyone agreed that they would like to continue their NXplorers journey to continue to learn and develop solutions to help their communities. India will shortly be expanding the NXplorers programme to all school aged children. It will empower and equip students to become the leaders and creative problem-solvers our future so desperately needs.

“Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to be part of NXplorers. After taking part in the programme, we are able to look at challenges with a new lens and we are confident that our NXplorers journey will land us a sustainable solution and make the world better for the next generations.”

Student from AKI Urdu Girls High School, Mumbai, India

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