What is a Nexus?

A nexus is a connection or series of connections linking two or more things. The world’s food, water and energy systems are tightly interlinked. Water is needed to extract energy and generate power; energy is needed to treat and transport water; and both water and energy are needed to grow food.

The world’s growing population will put pressure on global demand for food, water supplies and cleaner energy in the coming decades.

As a result, this relationship between energy, water and food is appearing on the agendas of governments, NGOs and businesses across the world, challenging policy makers at the highest levels to collaborate and work together across industries and sectors to develop sophisticated and innovative global solutions.

But policy shapers know they need to support the development of nexus thinking long before it reaches corporate, government and non-governmental organisations. The NXplorer programme introduces this nexus challenge and complex way of thinking to young people, equipping them with the understanding and skills that could offer solutions to these fundamental challenges.

Case Studies

Each of these case studies highlights a different challenge, or set of challenges, relating to the nexus. They present real, relevant and complex issues that require NXthinking to bring about positive change.


Potatoes and Pollution

Changing land use to create more land for potato farming has brought benefits and challenges to people living in Minnesota, USA.
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Irrigation Issues in India

Pumping water to keep agricultural land irrigated is putting pressure on electrical supplies – a great example of the interconnectivity of food, water and energy.
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Fisher People

With fish stocks depleting, the fisher people of Bintan have to find a new way to exist. Consider how they can make decisions today that will lead to their preferred future.
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Borneo Cats

The World Health Organisation took action to deal with an outbreak of malaria on the island of Borneo. But their actions led to a series of unintended consequences that created a different set of challenges for the islanders.
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Knowledge Expanders

The NXplorer knowledge expanders offer insight into each of the elements addressed in this nexus.

Use them to improve your understanding of food, water and energy systems and how they interlink.

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