Qatar: Water filtration & emissions

Every year, the NXplorers programme runs awards programmes across the globe, celebrating the work of students and showcasing their impactful projects to their peers, their teachers and mentors as well as the wider community.

This year in Qatar Team Elite used the NXthinking tools they learned to reimagine the ways in which water and energy interact to deliver water to the people of Qatar.

The challenge

Through the use of the Perspectives Circle tool, Team Elite identified water filtration as one of the most important industrial activities in Qatar as well as being one of the most polluting. Through further exploration and application of NXthinking tools the team proposed a way to reduce the impact of water filtration on the environment.

The plan

The team explored the relationship between fuel and water filtration and identified that they could implement solutions to reduce the negative impacts of the emissions.

The solution

By mechanically purifying the gasses that are produced from the filtration process through the use of centrifugal force and porous materials, the team predict they can greatly reduce the negative impacts of water filtration in Qatar.

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