The story goes that Sir Isaac Newton cracked the mystery of gravity when he saw an apple fall from a tree and wondered why it fell perpendicular to the ground rather than up or sideways.

While this realisation was important, alone it wasn’t enough. Looking beyond the boundaries of earth, Newton looked up to the moon and realised that for it to hang in the sky, the same forces that pull an apple to the ground, must be the same that keep the moon as a projectile in its gravitational orbit around our planet.

He connected the two and stretched his thinking beyond his initial perspective, beyond the planetary boundaries and up to the moon, to see the bigger picture. So, it seems Newton was a NXthinker too.

N Xplorers September Case Study 19x9


NXplorers students in Qatar Science & Technology School for Boys, in Doha, reimagined magnetic forces to develop a solution that reduced the acidity of native soil.
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N Xplorers September Inshort Trinidad 19x9

Trinidad: Carbon Capture Filter

Celebrating this year’s awards with our winner, Kaveer Phillips who reimagined using carbon capture device to reduce emissions from engines.
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N Xplorers September Inshort Singapore 19x9

Singapore: Hydrobox water harvesting

This year in Singapore, Team Hydrogen Bond, used NXthinking tools like the Connections Circle Feasibility Funnel to identify a low energy method of harvesting clean water for the growth of crops.
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N Xplorers September Inshort Qatar 19x9

Qatar: Water filtration & emissions

This year in Qatar Team Elite used the NXthinking tools they learned to reimagine the ways in which water and energy interact to deliver water to the people of Qatar.
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