"Even if they’re a student at home at the moment who doesn’t have the power to go outside, they can still do a lot on social media"

NXplorers roll out in Oman

Initially launched as part of an inter-school project, the Oman Shell team rolled out the NXplorers programme in 2018 to its solar schools, under the Solar into Schools initiative, to show students how they can solve environmental problems in their local areas and make a real difference in Oman. The aim is to roll out to 22 schools across the country, in close partnership with the Omani Ministry of Education and Engineering Village. So far, they have rolled out to 15 schools. Depending on the outcome of the current COVID-19 crisis, their plan is to complete the rollout to all schools by the end of this year.

The importance of social media in NXplorers projects

All students are encouraged to share their project stories through social media. At the beginning of each workshop, students create a dedicated social media account on Twitter or Instagram for their projects and are prompted to use the #NXplorers hashtag for all of their posts. As soon as students receive their first engagement with a social post, whether it’s a like or a retweet, it gives them the inspiration and enthusiasm to continue their work and lets them see how even a small idea from a small town in Oman can make an impact in the real world.

“We make sure they understand that their voice is important and there are so many ways they can use it - even if they’re a student at home at the moment who doesn’t have the power to go outside, they can still do a lot on social media. It’s a way to start a conversation with everyone out there to help them face the issue they’re trying to solve.”
Fayhaa Al Musalami, Shell Oman Team

Teacher engagement

Teachers have been very engaged with the programme during the rollout, bringing their own cameras to workshops and taking photos of students throughout their projects. They also use an ongoing WhatsApp group to share photos and presentations that are taking place in their schools. Through these projects, both teachers and students have gained an understanding of the powerful impact that social media can have when used in a positive way.

Pupil projects powered by social media

So far, 761 students and 60 teachers have taken part in the NXplorers programme in Oman, with over 150 student projects created already. Take a look at some of the inspiring projects from NXplorers Oman students below, all promoted by student teams via social media:

1. Take a look at this video that SOG Team created for twitter to show how they are working towards solving overgrazing in their local area.

2. Team RE5 created this Instagram video to promote the reuse and recycle of paper and wood fillings.

3. This Instagram account was created by Hydroponics technology team to promote the use of greywater for a more sustainable life. Take a look at the range of creative images and videos on their page.



Panaga School is leading the way in making sustainable change happen. Over 1,000 people attended the school’s Sustainability Festival, a zero-waste marketplace created and run by students, to engage their local community to raise awareness of their carbon footprint. Using the power of social media and local outreach, the school has raised money to fund the planting of over 300 trees locally and globally, and they plan on doing more.
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In December 2019, Yugra State University became the second university in Russia to receive NXplorers training. 25 students and 5 members of the faculty of Yugra State University in Russia enthusiastically participated in the two-day workshop and were asked to use "NXthinking'' to explore complex challenges and enhance their systems and scenarios thinking skills.
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