Diving deeper with NXplorers Future Talks

This year we launched NXplorers Future Talks, a series of live online events that dive into interesting conversations about the future of education and the leaders who will help shape it. We welcomed a range of education experts and NXplorers leaders who shared insights on a variety of different education topics. Read on to find out what we discussed, and watch the full recordings of each of the sessions here.

Session 1. The importance of System Thinking in education

From the classroom to the boardroom, the Waters Center for Systems Thinking has been recognised worldwide for being a leader in the field of systems thinking applied to teaching, learning and leading. During this webinar in June, Tracy Benson and Mary Quinnan told the story of the Waters Center that covered three decades of their emerging network, their growing influence in the systems thinking field and their impact on a wide range of organisations and educational systems worldwide.

Session 2. Global Education Reform

In August, we were joined by teacher, innovator and change manager Paul Andrews and Rakhee Radia, Head of Consultancy and Strategy at EVERFI UK, to discuss the unprecedented and existential challenges we face in the 21st century that have rendered traditional approaches to schooling obsolete. Entirely new ways of thinking about education are needed, and they discussed new interventions with a strong emphasis upon learner agency and empowerment through skills-based problem-solving.

Session 3. Bridging the gender gap in STEM

For the third session of the series in September, we discussed the gender gap in STEM with an exclusive panel of specialists including Griselda Togobo, International Corporate Consultant, Entrepreneur, Engineer and Chartered Accountant, Diksha Chopra, Senior Partner at Learning Links Foundation and Kathryn McColl, Director of Marketing, Strategy and Insight at EVERFI UK. The panel discussed the barriers to girls pursuing STEM subjects and careers, and looked at current and potential solutions across the world in both education and industry.

Session 4. NXplorers Virtual Student Carnival

The fourth and final session of 2022 was held in November and celebrated NXplorers students from India, Malaysia, Oman, Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia, who presented and exchanged their ideas and solutions that reimagine our world. Sean Winnett, Shell VP of Asia Corporate Relations, who opened the ceremony, said about the event “Their talent and ideas are going to light up the path to a better future and I’m so inspired to have witnessed this global community of changemakers come together to celebrate their achievements.

Watch the recordings of each of the talks here, and keep an eye out for future session topics launching in the new year.

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