Training Reimagined - Indonesia

In Indonesia, the team has just completed their Train-the-Trainer programme ahead of the first cycle of NXplorers programmes in schools later this year.

The programme has been designed to give trainers the information they need to help NXplorers participants to develop the skills they need to become agents of positive change and explore real-world problems from new perspectives. But, while the trainers were learning how to inspire NXplorers, they weren’t expecting to find inspiration for themselves.

Unexpected inspiration

The new NXplorers trainers clearly understood that the materials they were being taught were designed to help NXplorers participants rethink what’s possible and reimagine the world around them. However, as the programme progressed, the trainers felt like their eyes were being opened.

Many of the trainers in the Indonesian cohort had been working in STEM education for their whole careers and entered the Train-the-Trainer programme expecting to simply learn how to deliver the NXplorers content. However, the NXthinking skills that they were learning about started changing the way they approached teaching, changed the way they explored problems, and gave them a new way of seeing the world.

Beyond changing the way they think, the NXplorers trainers in Indonesia summarised the three other biggest learnings from the programme:

- This world is complex. Students can be overwhelmed by what’s going on, but the NXthinking tools can help them focus on the things they really want to change and show them how.

- The programme really gives the opportunity to change people’s perspectives. This is the hardest thing in any training, but the NXplorers programme manages to do it - even online

- The impact of this programme goes beyond the way that participants learn to solve problems, it changes the way that they carry themselves. NXthinking skills give everyone the opportunity to lead, develop their ideas, and can give participants real skills to build their own career path

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