Finals and awards ceremony in Trinidad and Tobago

The recent finals and awards ceremony of the Shell NXplorers programme, held at Hyatt in Port of Spain, was a vibrant celebration of students' remarkable achievements and their unwavering passion for science, technology, research, engineering and mathematics.

Over 50 university students from four institutions actively participated in the NXplorers programme from February to June 2023.

Under the guidance of local partner NIHERST, the students learned and applied the NXplorers methodology. They also received valuable support from assigned mentors from Shell Trinidad & Tobago, who aided them in developing their solutions and prototypes.

The winning team, Dynamic Phoenix, whose members Ashiana Nariensingh and Kristin Alexander, focused on capturing energy from clean water in a sustainable and affordable manner. They praised the impact of NXthinking, stating, "It has helped harness our combined energy and transform weaknesses into strengths."

A huge congratulations to all those who took part and the award recipients (as below) who are reimagining our world.

1st place - The Water Cleanser and Energy Generator (WCEG)

2nd place - The Directionally, Readjusted Air Flow Turbine (DRAFT)

3rd place - Electric, Inter-Island Ferry

Most Impactful Project - Smart NFT Farming System

Most Innovative - T&T's First Molten Salts Power Plant


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