NXplorers event in India sees students solve real world problems

October saw NXplorers students from across India take part in Shell’s Change Makers of Tomorrow event held at the Shell Technology Centre Bangalore. They tackled both local and global challenges through an NXthinking lens to come up with game changing ideas to solve real-world problems.

A total of 32 NXplorers teams presented their innovative and sustainable change projects to address the complex challenges that the food-water-energy nexus presents. Industry experts from technology, oil and gas, software, energy and mobility were in attendance to witness the remarkable journey of this cohort.

Jeevitha, an NXplorers student and event panellist, revealed that NXplorers had encouraged her to pursue a career in STEM. Equipped with a new mindset and brimming with confidence, she now has all the tools that she needs to develop more game changing ideas in the future.

A workshop for over 400 Shell employees and their children was also held during the Change Makers of Tomorrow event. It aimed to spark children’s interest in STEM and curiosity about the NXplorers programme.

Julie Ferland, Vice President of Innovation and Excellence, presented certificates and medals to the students. She also had a chance to visit the projects stalls and see first-hand the amazing level of innovation shown by the students.

After attending the workshop, Hemanandan Patil, the General Manager of Shell Technology R&D, commented that it was a stunning display of ingenuity from young minds. And what made it even more special was that he could bring his son along with him to experience the sessions and innovations as well.


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