NXthinking takes many of its ideas from the disciplines of systems thinking, scenario planning and theory of change.


NX-мышление — это способ изучения реальных мировых проблем и выработки потенциальных решений. Воодушевляет молодых людей:

  • мыслить аналитически и проявлять творчество
  • проникать в суть вопроса
  • оценивать комплексность и взаимосвязанные возможные и предпочтительные варианты будущего
  • думать о том, что можно сделать по-другому для осуществления позитивного изменения

NX-мышление заимствует многие из своих идей из дисциплин системного мышления, сценарного планирования и теории изменений.


The NXplorers programme is divided into three stages and combines systems thinking, scenario planning and theory of change methodologies.

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The first stage of the NXplorers programme is to Explore. Exploring enables you to discover what the issues are, what’s causing them and how you can find out more about them.

The Explore tools use systems thinking to examine issues in context, to dig beneath the surface of complex problems and to gain a good understanding of their root causes.

The tools will enable you to uncover hidden patterns, connections and interdependencies that might be part of the issue. Revealing these is crucial if you are to create sustainable solutions.



The second stage of the NXplorers programme is to Create. This is the stage where you consider what the future would be if nothing changed. You will also start to think about the actions that could bring about positive change and what the preferred future is.

The Create tools show you how to use scenario planning to plot a variety of possible futures. Scenario planning helps you to look at current trends so that you can make sound predictions about the future and better decisions right now. This stage is important because the scenarios that emerge will inform your decisions about which actions or projects to implement. Having a clear vision of a preferred future allows you to take the steps needed to create it.



The third stage of the NXplorers programme is to Change. It is the stage where you consider what action needs to be taken to achieve the preferred future.

The Change tools are based on theory of change methodologies. They encourage you to collaborate with others and think critically about your ideas. They also help you plan for and action positive change, while inspiring others to do the same. Use them to create an action plan that will help you to track progress and see the difference you’re making.