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Upcoming workshops launching NXplorers in Qatar

After the successful pilot of NXplorers in Qatar we are very happy to see the programme return in 2020. 50 teachers and coordinators from government and international schools in Qatar joined a NXplorers train-the-trainer session last January. An Arabic edition of the NXplorers programme, specifically designed for Qatar, will be introduced to the educational curriculums of 10 middle schools throughout the 2019-2020 academic year to raise students’ interest in STEM and will benefit 550 students.

Oman to start its 2nd year of NXplorers in 12 schools

Starting NXplorers will be rolled-out to over 20 schools in Oman with the aim to reach over 1,000 young people. Almost half of the schools will see NXplorers return for a second year, but also 12 new schools are part of the roll-out!

Singapore invites all secondary schools to join

Following the successful NXplorers inaugural run in 2019, this January saw a total of 115 teams apply to take part in the second run of NXplorers competition in Singapore. In additional to local schools, international and special education schools as well as a social enterprise providing holistic education to disadvantaged youths were amongst those who will be learning about the NXplorers toolkits in February.

Intellectual Schools Teachers learn NXplorers in Kazakhstan

As part of our ambition to build NXplorers capability in Kazakhstan a group of 50 Global Perspective subject teachers from Nazarbayev intellectual schools will join a NXplorers train-the-trainer workshop in March. Following the training these teachers will integrate NXplorers into their academic curriculum and run the programme within their classes.