NXplorers students in Qatar Science & Technology School for Boys, in Doha, reimagined magnetic forces to develop a solution that reduced the acidity of native soil. Their project increases the arability of the land allowing crops to be grown so Qatar could become more self-sufficient as an economy.

The reduction in the country’s reliance upon imports will directly contribute towards a more prosperous economy.

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Training Reimagined - Indonesia

In Indonesia, the team has just completed their Train-the-Trainer programme ahead of the first cycle of NXplorers programmes in schools later this year. The programme has been designed to give trainers the information they need to help NXplorers participants to develop the skills they need to become agents of positive change and explore real-world problems from new perspectives. But, while the trainers were learning how to inspire NXplorers, they weren’t expecting to find inspiration for themselves.
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Training Reimagined - Hong Kong

The NXplorers team in Hong Kong is taking a brand-new approach to implementing the NXplorers programme. Rather than running Train-the-Trainer sessions for trainers to run workshops with students in secondary and tertiary education, the trainers are learning to deliver workshops to teachers of primary aged students. Building on the core ambitions of NXplorers to rethink what’s possible, reinvent what’s not and redesign the systems that we need to map out a sustainable future, the Hong Kong team has taken a systems thinking approach to positive impact in education.
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International collaboration has been crucial to some of humanity’s greatest achievements. When we combine different perspectives we close the gaps in the bigger picture and fill the different blind spots that every person has. In an experiment it was discovered that Americans tend to focus on objects, while Japanese people were more likely to register the context in which an object is situated. Each culture has a shared blind spot, but when the two points of view are combined, a fuller picture emerges.
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From selecting the right type of plants and the right type of lighting, to dreaming up water delivery systems that work in zero gravity, the ISS team are currently growing food in an environment alien to plant life - and our NXplorers teams are doing the same back home on earth. As we explored above, a NXplorers team in Qatar have made inhospitable soil fertile using magnetised water. In Oman, a team of NXplorers are using paper to feed their plants. And in Singapore, NXplorers are taking plant growing out onto the open seas.
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