NXplorers in Action

NXplorers is a movement for positive change. These stories show the difference we’re making.

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Improving Food Security

Students at Dukhan English School were concerned about the vulnerability of Qatar’s food supply. They used NXthinking and the NXplorer tools to explore the issue and identify what they could do to bring about positive change.
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Sustainable Farming

This is one of the Nexus challenges that the NXplorers students of Skinners Kent Academy faced in July 2016. Find out how they used the NXplorers toolkit to explore, create and plan for change in this local community project.
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A Fishy Problem

Sakhalin Island is the third most abundant salmon region in the world, but the ecosystems that enable the salmon to survive are at risk. Students in two local schools overcame language barriers to explore the issue and identify what could be done about it.
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