NXplorers برنامج تعليمي مبتكر يعرّف الشباب بطرق التفكير المعقدة والإبداعية المطلوبة لإحداث تغيير إيجابي.
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NXplorers students around the world are finding innovatives ways to solve the major global challenges of our time.
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NXplorers students are supported by a strong community of educators running NXthinking sessions around the globe.
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A new way of thinking

Young people have the capability to create positive movements for change. They can learn how to address the complex challenges faced by the world and to do something about them. NXplorers shows them how.

NXplorers is designed for high school students, with support for younger students through NXplorers Jr, and undergraduates and young professionals through NXplorers Pro.

You are on NXplorers for 14-18s, go to NXplorers Jr or NXplorers Pro for younger or older students.

Reimagining our world

NXplorers introduces the complex and creative thinking skills needed to become positive agents in the process of change and equips young people with the tools they need to apply them.

Explore our case studies to see the work of NXplorers students around the globe .