NXplorers. Global reach and global ambition: a movement for change.

Global reach and global ambition:
a movement
for change

The NXplorers programme aims to equip young people, ages 14 -19, with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to:


Explore complex issues particularly the food, energy, water nexus using a variety of thinking tools and strategies.


Imagine different futures using scenario planning tools.


Plan for, and enact, positive change using theory of change methodologies.

The Appeal of NXplorers

  • Global and local relevance: Deals with one of the world’s biggest future challenges: the food, energy, water nexus, which manifests itself in many close to home situations
  • Unique approach: Helps young people to develop a new, unique, important skill set using complexity thinking, scenario planning and theory of change applied to many different types of challenges
  • Global community: Offers students a great opportunity to connect with peers across the globe to connect, collaborate, learn and inspire.
  • Sound academic and educational basis: Developed by team of academic and educational experts
  • Co-development and continuous improvement of program with teachers and students
  • Adaptable programme use: NXplorers is designed to be implemented in any school, in any country and can be integrated within an existing curriculum as part of the main offer or as an enrichment programme

How it all started

Shell together with a consortium of corporate partners is committed to contributing to global policy-making which it sees as being key to addressing the major complex and interconnected issues the world is facing.

Shell policy-shapers believe that effective policies stem from a collaborative relationship between business, government and wider society

But policy-shaping is not enough so this initiative aims to:

  • Build a vibrant community around complex issues and constructing active learning exchanges
  • Harness the enthusiasm and optimism of young people across the globe so that they are involved and committed to global issues from an early age they are far more likely to develop a sense of stewardship and agency

"…one action can have a million repercussions.This made me thinkhow one good actioncould greatly benefit us."

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